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ROI on Signage

August 24, 2012ReubenNews0

There are many reasons why a sign is beneficial. However, one of the most import reasons is return on investment, or it’s ROI. What is ROI? Short for Return On Investment, ROI is an accounting formula used to obtain an actual or perceived future value of an expense or investment.

How does that work with a commercial sign?
Basically, a good sign should be one of your best salespersons. Why? Because an on-premise sign is a permanent asset. Your sign doesn’t sleep, never takes vacations and says whatever you want.

They are always “on the job” for you, advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Effective signs are revenue generators. More than simply an announcement of your physical location, it is your most responsive and cost-effective advertising option. Also, In today’s mobile society, the average driver spends some 540 hours per year on the road, which makes passing motorists a repeat, captive audience for your marketing message.

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Bike for Cancer Care – Team Ozzie

August 22, 2012ReubenNews0

A personal note from our President, Paul Beichert:

September 16th could be like any other Sunday. We could sleep in, have breakfast with our families, or maybe get some yard work done to prepare us for winter. I’d like to take a moment to tell you where my family and I will be. Team Ozzie will be riding in the 9th annual Bike for Cancer Care to benefit the Rosemary Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund.

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Lake Shore Villas Apartments – Rebranding Project

August 21, 2012ReubenNews0

Lakeshore Villas Apartment Monument Sign

Lakeshore Villas in Port Ewen, NY, (a Morgan Community) is an apartment complex located on a beautiful lake and surrounded by mature trees and lush landscaping. They recently came to Timely Signs to see about updating the exterior signage of the property and give it a new look. The end result was a full exterior branding project that included a new logo, main monument sign, and directional signage.

Our designer, Brittney Scott, really captured what they were looking for. “With lake views and weeping willows, Lakeshore Villas’ new signage now complements the scenery in which it resides. The colors chosen for this project are subtle blues and deep purples, giving it a relaxing and sophisticated look. For the main sign, I created a custom illustration that displays a calming shoreline with a canoe pointing towards the sunset, almost like it’s inviting you into the property. I then took the elements from the illustration to create the new icon and logo for the Lakeshore Villas community rebrand.”

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Custom Cottage Sign is Sign of the Week!

August 1, 2012ReubenNews0

This week we are featuring a smaller custom project that we designed as a thoughtful housewarming gift. Mrs Johnson, the mom, came in and spoke to our Sales Associate Tyson about a gift she wanted to have created for her daughter who had just purchased a home. Her idea was to have a small hanging sign made so they could put it in front of the house. it was to have the cottages name “The Canal Cottage” and 2 elephants with a heart to represent the daughter and her husband. It was also important that the trunks of the elephants be raised to signify good luck.

Our designers got to work to make something simple and fitting for her request. The result was a custom illustration of the two elephants with their trunks raised to make a heart that was v-carved into the Extira sign backer. The name of the cottage was also v-carved to give it more dimension. The finishing touch was a small piece of high performance lavender vinyl to accent the heart shape of the trunks.

The mom was ecstatic with the final product and couldn’t wait to give it to her daughter and her husband. And from us here at Timely Signs, Congratulations on your new house, Mrs. Johnson’s Daughter!


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