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Kingston Alteration Center gets Buttoned Up!

June 11, 2013ReubenNews0

Kingston Alterations is “sew” happy with her new signage!

Kingston Alteration Center has been helping people look good in their clothes for over 30 years. For the vast majority of that time, Kathy Esposito had her business located right on Broadway. Recently, she made the hard decision to move everything a short jump down the road and settle in next to Frank Guido’s Little Italy.

It was very important for her clients and the rest of the community to know where she had gone. One very effective way of doing so was to make an appealing sign. We decided to really showcase what she does by making a 3 dimensional oversized button, needle and thread. Having a graphic that enhances the look of a sign really takes it to the next level. It can be difficult not to overpower the name of a business but when done tastefully, it really makes an impact on the viewing audience.

Something else that people can overlook when buying a sign is having the colors compliment the building in which it is located. Everyone wants their sign to jump out and grab people’s attention as they go by. The problem is that this is usually done with obnoxious colors that can push people away rather than pleasing colors that will draw them in.

It is extremely satisfying to get a call from your client filled with excitement and joy after they tell you how many compliments they have received on their sign. That’s when you know the client has hit a homerun with their choice. Timely Signs wishes continued success to Kathy and all of our clients as we strive to enhance the look of everyone’s sign.

The Router cutting out the shape of the Button

Mark, our Fabricator, sands and perfects the 3-dimensional element of the sign.

Detail view of the finished signage.

Kingston Alterations Hanging Sign

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