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Aspen Valley Hospital Hall of History

As Aspen Valley Hospital approached their 125th anniversary, their Hospital Foundation invited Timely Signs to design a commemorative wall installation. The goal was to condense 125 years of the hospital’s rich history into a format that could be experienced and enjoyed by first time visitors as well as lifelong Aspen residents.

A 30-foot-long wall space in the main corridor of the hospital was selected for the permanent installation. Timely Signs Creative Director Paul Beichert and Designer Gillian Barnard developed the design in collaboration with Virginia Dyche, Aspen Valley Hospital’s Director of Community Relations and Andrea Olson, their Development Assistant.

The display utilizes a variety of materials that create interest through texture and color and build a visual theme on the natural elements of Aspen. Text and imagery are displayed on acrylic panels printed with sub-surface graphics, as well as on brushed metal. Laser engraved wood is used in the backers as well as the angled flag signs that title each section.

The project presented several challenges, one of which was to bring together imagery from both archival sources and more recent photography into a cohesive and unified design. From a logistical aspect, the system needed to be designed and fabricated in such a way that it could be transported across the country and assembled and installed on site. The result is an inspiring display that serves to beautify the hospital and provide insight into the evolution of the organization from the early mining boom of Aspen through their current day status of a world-class medical facility.

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