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Barcone’s Music Building Sign

Barcone’s is a name that has represented quality and integrity for generations. A family business that traces it’s roots back to 1890 in Italy, it’s now run by Melissa and Tim Barcone, Jr. , the 5th generation to join this musical legacy. Barcone’s Music services 90 school music programs in 8 counties and features one of the most complete repair and service shops in the Hudson Valley.

This sign project involved the design and recreation of a retro-style logo inspired by the original Barcone’s logo mark to commemorate their 100 year anniversary. Following that, a plan was developed for an eye-catching building sign that would serve as a visual representation of the company’s focus on band instruments and a historical commitment to quality and service.

We employed a variety of construction processes to manufacture and bring this design to life. The sign features a custom waterjet cut steel bracket, High Density Urethane inner structure; full color digital printing for the instrument photos, routed aluminum overlay panels for the outer shell and dimensional lettering for the Barcone’s name. The sign is externally-illuminated with building mounted fixtures for visibility during evening and night time hours.

Custom Waterjet Cut Steel Bracket and High Density Urethane Inner Structure
High Density Urethane Inner Structure
Inner Structure Ready for Paint
Inner Structure Painted
Routed Aluminum Overlay Panels
Dimensional Letters
Routed Aluminum Overlay Panels
Routed Aluminum Overlay Panels
Routed Aluminum Overlay Panels
Full Color Digitally Printed Graphics
Ready for Installation
The Finished Product!

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