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Green Alternatives


At Timely Signs, we are continually stepping up our efforts to protect our environment and lessen our impact on the earth. We have long practiced recycling of everything from manufacturing waste to office products.

We are proud to offer energy saving options to our customers such as low voltage LED illumination, Bioflex Banner Materials, and Vista Modular Interior Insert systems. We also work with LEED certified architects and contractors to create energy efficient options for our customers. We are committed to environmental responsibility and will continue to seek out innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Extira Treated Exterior Composite

Extira Treated Exterior Composite Panels Provide Green Building Benefits

  • No Added Urea Formaldehyde
  • Not Subject to CARB ATCM
  • Made with Sustainable Materials
  • Contribution to Industry Green Programs

No Added Urea Formaldehyde

  • Extira panels have no added urea formaldehyde. This is certified by Scientific Certification Systems, certificate number SCS-MC-01802.
  • Due to their physical composition, Extira panels are not subject to the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure 93120 (ATCM). This measure enforces limits on formaldehyde emissions. If they were subject to the ATCM, Extira panels would meet the specification for the designation “ultra low formaldehyde emitter.”
  • Through repeated testing by the Composite Panel Association (CPA), a third party certifier for the ATCM rule, Extira panels have demonstrated formaldehyde emissions equivalent to background levels found in the environment.

Sustainable Materials

  • No old growth wood is used in the manufacture of Extira panels. They are made from leftover wood that is of no commercial timber value and is the byproduct of other operations. Leftover wood is also detrimental to the overall vitality of the forest.
    • All wood comes from an area within a 200 mile radius of the Towanda, PA production facility.
    • CMI uses 100% northern hardwoods which includes maple, beech, oak and other species.

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LED Illumination

The Benefits of LED

  • Light Emitting Diodes also known as “LED” lights are an energy and cost efficient way to achieve a lighting system comparable to neon or fluorescent brightness.
  • Longer life span: 100,000 hours which is equal to 11 years of constant use!
  • Runs on 12 to 24 volts of power which means less energy use, lower operating costs and reduced fire and safety hazards.
  • More reliable performance which means fewer service calls.
  • Uses 43% Less Energy than a comparable Neon sign!

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BIOflex Biodegradable PVC Banner Material

BIOflex Biodegradable PVC Banner Material

What happens to all those banners when the big sale or promotion is over? Chances are, they are headed to the landfill. Most banners are made of PVC vinyl. The very attributes that make PVC long-lasting and durable are the same attributes that make it a challenge to dispose of. Fortunately, UltraFlex Systems has developed the first banner material that addresses the environmental concerns without sacrificing print quality or durability.

The Benefits of BIOflex

  • A durable banner material that is the first truly environmentally friendly, biodegradable PVC.
  • BIOflex contains no heavy metals, pesticides, bleaching agents, DOP or similar plasticizers, glycol ether or carcinogenic coloring agents.
  • BIOflex will begin to breakdown within 90 days in landfill conditions and depending on thickness and quantity the BIOflex will vanish in 3 to 5 years. Traditional PVC takes 100+ years
  • BIOflex is made with fine particle limestone that provides opacity and plasticizers of organic origin that provides flexibility. 80% of the content of BIOflex is derived from sources other than petroleum.
  • The decomposition process will not begin until the material is exposed to the bacteria present in properly managed landfills.

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Matthews Paint System

Matthews Paint System

In certain environmentally sensitive areas of North America the law requires use of coatings with low volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC MAP is a compliant paint coating which meets environment regulatory standards without sacrificing beauty or durability. When blended in accordance with instructions, this high solid, two component acrylic polyurethane has a VOC of 2.8 or 3.5 pounds per gallon, yet it contains all the ultraviolet inhibitors and antioxidants found in MAP conventional colors.

Fast Facts

  • Excellent exterior durability over a variety of substrates including metal, wood and many first surface plastics.
  • Over 56,000 custom colors can be matched to your specifications.
  • Available in quantities as small as one gallon to eliminate waste and unnecessary paint buying
  • Excelled weather resistance even in harsh industrial environments.
  • Slick, hard surface resists dirt, pollutants and abrasion. Withstands chipping, color-fade, gloss loss and graffiti on interior and exterior applications.
  • Excellent UV resistance. UV rays and moisture are unable to penetrate the cross-linking technology

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Vista Modular Interior Sign System

The Benefits of Vista

  • Fabricated from aluminum, a material that can be recycled infinitely.
  • Features changeable paper inserts – easier and more environmentally friendly to change the paper insert instead of the entire sign!
  • Since the insert is changeable, the sign modules can be re-purposed or re-used in other facilities.
  • Frame-based systems offers the flexibility to choose the most energy efficiently substrate available now and in the future.

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