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Vehicle Wraps that Work!

February 15, 2013ReubenNews0

Recently, our team at Timely Signs was called upon by two local companies for vehicle graphics and we think the results speak for themselves.

Our team puts the finishing touches on the Health Quest Box Truck

Both projects resulted in increased brand awareness and a positive and improved image for our clients. Health Quest, the parent company of Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center, and Vassar Brothers Medical Center asked Timely Signs to wrap two of their supply chain vehicles to showcase the new Health Quest brand. The two 28 foot long box trucks were stripped of their existing graphics and wrapped with the new Health Quest logo, affiliates, and images of the their staff and the surrounding Hudson Valley. The finished product serves as a mobile billboard for the organization and highlights their dedication to providing quality healthcare in our community.

HealthQuest Box Truck


Swim King Full Vehicle Wrap

When Swim King Pools & Spas purchased a new service and installation vehicle, they saw an opportunity to generate excitement about the upcoming summer pool season. Our design and production team worked closely with the client to provide a look and feel that best reflected the products and services they offer. A properly designed vehicle wrap creates visual impact and brand recognition that sets you apart from the competition. When Swim King shows up in the neighborhood, you can be sure that everyone will be excited about the new pool! For more information on vehicle graphics and options for your business, contact us.

Check out the cool time lapse we did of the Swim King Vehicle!

Brand Awareness through Vehicle Graphics

April 3, 2012ReubenNews0

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

In order of importance for your company, what comes after increasing your customer base? Gaining visibility!

Increased exposure often leads to more customers, and vehicle graphics are a great approach. Wrapping a car, truck, or any large vehicle, with vehicle graphics will get seen by thousands of eyes per day – and leave distinct impressions on just as many possible customers.

Just how effective are vehicle graphics for your business? 91 percent of people notice words and images on vehicles and coupled with distinct lettering and images, your vehicle graphics will make your brand memorable to these important consumers.

Vehicle wraps have been dramatically growing in popularity for one reason…they work. In fact, vehicle wraps represent your best advertising value. Companies can spend thousands of dollars each and every month on billboard advertising. With a vehicle wrap, your car, truck, or large vehicle will achieve year round exposure without the high monthly costs of traditional billboards. Essentially, it’s your own moving billboard.

Here are some great tips on how to make your vehicle wrap most effective:

First off, and most important, be clear and direct with your message.

  • Images are great, but if there is no mention of what goods or services you provide or you don’t have enough brand awareness, you won’t make that instant connection with a person. Make sure your design conveys exactly what you do.

Use the 5-second rule.

  • A motorist has 3 to 6 seconds to read your signage, otherwise known as the 5-second rule of advertising. Designs should control where people look first — and leave a lasting impression. Because of the limited time span a person has to view your truck or car graphic, you need to be direct and clear with your message. Essentially, you only have 5 seconds to catch a persons attention as they drive by to convey an understanding of your goods/services and, ultimately, a call to action such as visiting your website.

Utilize the Back of the Vehicle

  • The back of your vehicle is where traffic behind you will spend longer amounts of time than drivers passing by the sides. Use the sides of the vehicle to brand your company’s logo, phone number, web address and/or imagery. Use the back of the vehicle to spell out your complex messaging to the people that will have the time to absorb it. Look at every traffic jam as a marketing opportunity.

Ultimately, one of the hardest parts of vehicle graphics is maintaining a balance between an aesthetic appeal and the need for a sense of minimalism. One cannot just throw a bunch of information up on a car because it simply is impractical. There has to be a definitive cut-off in terms of what is necessary information you should have on a truck, car or vehicle fleet.

Click here for our full image gallery of vehicle wraps.

Here are some examples of some funny wraps that we found…

Sometimes, a good sense of humor can attract the attention of a prospective customer, particularly if you’re in an overcrowded services industry.
Funny Plumber Vehicle Wrap

This is an interesting approach to a funeral service….
Funeral on a Budget

A bus wrap for National Geographic. This particular bus is very hungry…
National Geographic Hungry Bus


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