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Large Format Display Checks!

October 22, 2012ReubenNews0

One of the things I bet you don’t know about us, is that we can provide you and your business with large format display presentation checks. These are custom printed and are available for one-time use or even a multi-use format using a Vandal Guard dry erase laminate. Using a large format display check when presenting an organization with your donation provides you with a great photo opportunity.You can then use the photo for press releases, social media campaigns and customer newsletters.

Don’t just give a gift or a donation – Make an impact.

Our custom checks are offered in 2 standard sizes and can be customized with your organization’s logo at no
extra cost (when you provide the logo in digital format). We also offer 3 different color options, but we will be happy to use your companies PMS color as well.

Custom sizes are available, simply request a quote. Call or contact us today for pricing!

Levon Helm Studios Project Announcement

July 19, 2012ReubenNews0

There are some projects that we work on that really strike a “chord” for us here. Not only does it invigorate our love of design and the community but also it helps to remind us why we do what we do.

photo: Arhon Foster

As many know, the music industry lost an icon this year when Levon Helm passed away. This event touched the whole community, international and locally, and also hit us here at Timely Signs. Especially for our President Paul Beichert who was not only a fan of his musical talents but had been working with the Levon Helm Studios on various projects for many years.

We were approached by Barbara O’Brien, manager of the Levon Helm Studios, to come up with a concept that would work in combination with their first fundraising effort, “Keep it Goin’”, to raise money to keep the studio doors open. The idea was to offer a commemorative t-shirt, an digital download of an exclusive recording of Levon Helm’s Song, “Drown in my own Tears”, and have the persons name engraved on a plaque that would be featured on an interior wall of the Levon Helm Studios.

When coming up with the concept, it began to take on more of a life of its own, more than just a simple dedication plaque.

The artist, Sheila Gilday, said about the project: “I was thinking about the concept for the artwork, and I wanted it to reflect who Levon was and how he chose to live his life. I decided to center the artwork on the mandolin, which was one of Levon’s instruments, but make it up individually out of mandolin picks as a mosaic of sorts. The various sizes and colors of the picks help to showcase the mandolin while giving it flow and energy. Then, in the spirit of “Keeping it goin’”, there are bursts of picks making their own individual rhythm, ebbing and flowing into the mandolin throughout multiple panels, giving the piece more power and making it whole. Similar to mandolin picks, we may be individuals but as a team we can make a great music & art together. And that was Levon.”

Paul Beichert plans on donating all the materials, fabrication and installation of the artwork in order to help with the project. “It’s an honor to be able to do this for Levon. I’ve been a fan of his music for the better part of my life. Every time I met Levon he was kind and generous with his time. He loved making music and easily inspired dedicated, life-long fans. We are so pleased that our company could play a small role in continuing his legacy.”

We will keep you updated on the progress of the project, but in the meantime, you can read more about the Keep it Goin’ fundraiser on the Levon Helm website.


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