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June 11, 2013ReubenNews0

The staff at Timely Signs is a talented and creative group but this month the spotlight for one employee turns away from his daily fabrication of signs and graphics and to his lifelong passion for photography. We sat down with Mark Long, an eight year member of the Timely Signs team to discuss his upcoming show at Keegan Ales.

Poster For Mark Long’s Gallery Show at Keegan Ales in Kingston NY.

Mark, you’re love for photography where does that come from?
ML: It’s funny; it’s something I’ve always been drawn to throughout my life because it has no real boundaries. There are no limitations in terms of space or scale it just opens up and you capture something that is beautiful and unique and at that moment only you saw but can share it with people.

You’re one of the most creative people on the Timely Signs team, how does the creative aspect of your daily tasks here at Timely translate to your photography?
ML: For me I love working with my hands and making something out of nothing. I do this when I build signs but for photography it’s not about building but rather recognizing something when I see it.

What inspires you?
ML: This show is all black and white. I love this show because it shows my passion for capturing the darker side of things. I have always enjoyed scary movies and spooky places and this show I think captures that.

Do you have a favorite image or does one image standout?
ML: Wow, that’s really difficult! I guess the image that pops into my mind is what I’m calling “Rhinebeck”. It’s an architectural photo of second floor windows and I think it’s the defining image for this show.

Anything additional you want to share?
ML: Putting a show like this together is a lot of work. I can’t do it alone and I have some amazing people who support me starting with my wife Ruby. She’s been amazing with the time I spent on this show and my friends at Timely Signs who helped me out with the color correction and printing. I can’t say enough. I also have to say thank you to Tom Keegan and Keegan Ales. He’s been on me for a while to do a show for him and it just all fell into place.

The opening is July 6th at Keegan Ales from 4-6PM and will be on display until September 6th.

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